Deborah Mitchell

“It is fantastic day, underpinned by great team work, generosity & kindness, an awesome combination!”

Tony Taylor

“Helping out with the golf day is great fun. Working with a team of truly passionate staff is motivating. And seeing the benefits to the community is absolutely inspiring!”

Teresa Semola

“I have been a part of the Golf Day for many years. I find it to be a fun filled and rewarding day and proud to assist with raising money for such a good cause.”

Bianca Jonson

“The golf day enables me to feel humble by dedicating my time and energy to help raise funds for charities and their on-going research. It is an amazing and fun opportunity to give back to those that need it, but also gives many charities a chance to create much needed awareness to the public. ”

Kerrie Rogers

“Being on the Golf Day committee is the most fun you can have at work! We love the exciting opportunity to be part of something that helps Charities in such a generous way and is so rewarding”

Jenny Seal

“I have been a part of the Golf Day for many years. I find it to be a fun filled and rewarding day and proud to assist with raising money for such a great cause”

Shona Artho

“Adtrans Charity Golf Day is one
special day filled with a lot of laughter and fun. Most importantly the effort that goes into raising money for some really great charities is amazing. I always feel very honoured to be a part of it”

Mark Conway

“The Adtrans Golf Day is just a really fun day where everyone involved both players and staff have a great time, with the real benefit being all the money raised goes into the community and children’s charities”

Jo Brokenshire

“In everyday life we lose focus on how much help these kids need. This is my opportunity to give something and to make a small difference.”

Belinda Shepherdson

“The day is a fantastic experience and it a pleasure to be part of an event that gives back to the community.”

Renee Durden

“I really enjoy being involved in the Golf Day seeing everyone having a great day and donating their time and money for the Charities. There is so much work done behind the scenes and all those involved do this as they know the impact it makes for kids in need”

Phillip de Pinto

“Ten years ago Graeme Bignell invited me to be the fund raising auctioneer for the Golf Day, and I’ve done it every year since. I love it and continue to be inspired by the generosity of so many, and the great causes this occasion supports. Long may it continue”

Leigh Crowhurst

“This is my 3rd year helping out at the Adtrans Charity Golf Day and as an avid golf fan I would love to be playing but it is my pleasure just to be there, help out and to support such a great cause.”

Trevor Mooney

“I’ve been helping with the golf day for many years. It’s always a fun day with everyone enjoying themselves and at the same time raising money for children’s charities. I find it a very rewarding day.”

Darren Phillips

“It’s a great day helping out with this fantastic event for a great cause each year.”

Shirley McEvoy

“Excited again to be part of this excellent cause.”